OKRs & Goals

Tracking "Objectives and Key Results" (OKRs) are not as easy as it looks, but we made it easy for you.

Track the progress

Track the progress

With TeamSuite, you can see the latest updates regarding the progress toward each goal. In addition, its simple dashboard makes it easier to grasp the progress in less than a second.

Also, transparency is the key. Letting everyone look at the progress gives you more feedback to achieve more.

Be aware of trends

With a simple look, you can check the trend to see how the progress is. In addition, trends can easily show you the problems and bottlenecks over time.

There is an excellent feature in TeamSuite. You don't need to update everything. With the automatic update, most of the updates will be handled for you automatically.

Be aware of trends
Desktop and Web App

Ease of use

We designed TeamSuite with ease of use in mind. We hardly tried to build a straightforward tool for you to get the best results out of it.

Now, you can spend time achieving your goals instead of learning a new complicated tool since we firmly believe less is more!

Complete understanding

The real value is always hidden in the data, and it is hard to find them on without proper tools. Using TeamSuite, you can help you find the reasons behind outcomes.

Desktop and Web App
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Our Pricing

Our pricing is so simple. Free for small teams and pay-as-you-go for larger organizations. No surprise!

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Frequently asked questions

TeamSuite is an OKRs and Goals management system that helps you and your team accomplish more. Big companies like Google use this method to grow so fast.
TeamSuite is designed around simplicity and ease of use. Team members can get started to use it in almost no time, and you will have good insight that can help you make better management decisions.
Decreasing inefficient periods, improving dedication to work, increasing productivity, having more visibility on progress, focusing on goals, and achieving more with smaller teams are just a few benefits of using TeamSuite.

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